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The top 5 SEO techniques to use in 2018

Search Engine Optimization is a must if you want to stay ahead and survive in the Internet World. And the better you are with your SEO the more chances you have to survive and adapt in the fast changing Internet World. The Internet is bombarded with new information every day. There is just no sense of halt when you want to do business in the Internet world. The search engines that are present today are a major issue of concern when it comes to this competition. It is this search engine result that decides your fate, whether you will survive and thrive or just sit back with the rest of the disappointed lot. The main aim should solely be to rank at the very top of these search engine results or SERP. And to achieve this aim you have to be well aware of certain SEO techniques which can really boost up your website on the long run. Thus, today I bring you the top 5 SEO techniques that will help you boost your SEO efforts greatly.


    This is one very important question you will have to ask yourself in the year 2018. It is not very difficult to see that the number of Mobile users have greatly increased in the past few years with cheaper versions of smart phones available worldwide. But, what the availability of smartphones has done, is that it has paved the way for a whole lot of traffic. And all this traffic are solely mobile users. Thus, it is necessary that your website is designed to be optimal for mobile users and is as mobile friendly as possible. Google provides you with a very remarkable tool to check whether your web pages are mobile friendly or not. You can find this tool under the Content Analysis panel of the Website Auditor.

    Although this question is not much of a concern. But, it is always better to ask this to yourself. It is most often seen that the human mind connects and communicates well to something that has a more lifelike appearance. And what better way to puff in some life to a content than making it personalize. You can personalize a blog or even a business website by giving in your own bio data and information that you think, would allow your viewers to help know you better. This not only builds trust but also may convert your viewers into potential customers in the long run. Also you can link up your blog to your other social profiles to give it a more stronger personalized feeling and sense of genuinity.

    When say fast, we mean very fast. Google prefers it better if your web page or website is able to load within three seconds. And trust me it is not only Google who would want your site to respond this early. But also everyone else who would visit your site. Speed is a must today if you want to excel in the Internet World and you just can’t make any compromises with that. Google provides you with an online tool to check the speed of your web page and gives you a very detailed result on where your page might lag and might need improvements. You can check the speed by starting of with a new project in Website Auditor and then go off to Content Analysis and select the page you want to check and within seconds you will be provided with all the data you will need.

    Obviously, you are not going to display copied content from some other website. That is by far the most foolish thing to do. But, even then there is always a chance that Google might take your content to be copied. If not at fully copied but at least partially copied. And trust me when Google thinks there is a slight similarity within content from various websites than your rank automatically decreases. So it is advised to keep your content as genuine as possible.

    Although last in the list. This question is by far the most important of them all. Not only before you start framing your content but throughout the whole period from the very start of writing down a content till the time you publish it. You should ask this one question, whether your content quality is up to the mark and whether your data is adequately structured or not. Because when a user sees links being displayed on his or her search results, then it is very obvious that he would want to go to a link who gives a well meta description of what the site has to offer instead of opting for something that looks confusing at the very first hand.